We provide you with an independent and fair valuation of every instrument that needs to be included in your financial statements

More than 20 years of experience providing financial valuation and advisory services

We provide you with an independent and fair valuation of every instrument that needs to be included in your financial statements

Whether you need to value any kind of financial asset or to assess a completed valuation, Qbitia offers you with a comprehensive system in line with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and with the regulations that apply to specific areas:

    • Circular 7/2008, of November 26, and Circular 3/2008, of September 11, of the CNMV.
    • Circular 4/2017, of November 27, of the Bank of Spain.
    • Royal Decree 1317/2008, of July 24, passing the Accounting Plan for Insurance Companies.
    • Royal Decree 304/2004. of February 20, which approves the Regulation of pension plans and funds.

We have years of experience in working with the main credit institutions, listed companies and accounting firms.

Why choose our service?

Prompt delivery

Our service provides you with reports within 24 hours.

Full coverage

We value all kinds of financial instruments and OTC derivatives (level and level 3).

Service and support

The team of experts in valuation and in the measurement of the effectiveness of hedge accounting will guide you throughout the process.

Experience and knowledge

Our criteria for evaluating and measuring the effectiveness of hedge accounting are aligned with market standards and are used by counterparties and accounting firms.


Fees that suit your requirements and needs.

Easy to use

You just need to provide us with a basic description of the instrument by sending the original complementary information used in the contract.

If you have any questions about the service, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible

The valuation process

The first step to request the service is to provide us with your contact information here. If you have a high number of valuations, you can contact us at sales@qbitia.com

We will send you a NDA to start the process with guaranteed confidentiality.

Once the confidentiality agreement is signed, you will only have to send us the original complementary information used in the contract.

Our team of experts will complete the valuation of the instrument.

You will receive your valuation report within 24 hours to comply with the audit requirements.

Do you want to know how our service works?

1. We register the instrument

    • Complete range of instruments.
    • Full coverage of underlying assets (equities, credit, interest rates, inflation, FX or commodities).

2. We set the parameters

    • We identify market data (interest rate curves, inflation, credit curves, liquidity premiums, volatility matrix, etc.).
    • We develop and apply valuation models (analytical models, Hull & White, Black & Scholes, Montecarlo, finite differences, etc.).

3. We make the calculations

    • Counterparty pricing comparison.
    • Timing adapted to the needs of the client.
    • Instrument life cycle monitoring.
    • Reports and certifications (auditors, regulator, reports, etc.).

4. We deliver the reports

    • Assessment
    • Sensitivity analysis
    • Stress test
    • Flows
    • Certifications

Contact us to know more about our service