Discover QKID, our Key Information Document (KID) management service, that will help you comply with the latest regulatory changes.

The European Commission has introduced some modifications in the PRIIPs KID regulation in order to offer retail investors a more transparent, understandable and comparable document, leaving the UCITS KID structure behind.

The new regulation will apply from January 1, 2023 and some of its key details are:

    • New methods to calculate and present profitability scenarios.
    • Summary cost indicators and changes in the content and presentation of information.
    • An updated methodology for calculating operating costs.
    • Modified rules that apply to PRIIPs that offer different investment options.

You can check the Delegated Regulation here.


QKID, our specialized PRIIPS KID management service, includes a module for the calculation of all the risk and return ratios, as well as the details of the costs that must be disclosed to comply with transparency requirements.

We cover the 4 categories of instruments defined in EU Regulation No. 1286/2014 and we take care of the generation and periodic management of key information documents (KIDs).



1. We register the instrument

    • Complete range of instruments.
    • Full coverage of underlying assets (equities, credit, interest rates, inflation, FX or commodities).

2. We set the parameters

    • We define the instrument category.
    • We identify the market data and the models for the generation of risk calculations.
    • We identify the cost parameters.
    • We define the specific texts of the PRIIP.

3. We make the calculations

    • Periodic automatic generation of KIDs for every PRIIP.
    • Monitoring and management of processed results.

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