The challenge


FXStreet, a leading financial information company, requires an infrastructure for the reception, processing and distribution of data. The system should feed their own website, on which high added-value services are offered, in addition to providing those services to third parties. The infrastructure must be scalable and open to adding new functionality.

The solution

After evaluating the client’s infrastructure and learning about their needs at the time and their future growth forecasts, Qbitia proposed implementing QDN financial information hub in order to integrate data from different sources, to automate data processing and to manage distribution in a simple way.

In addition, it was decided to use dedicated servers to guarantee stability.

The first step was to integrate the client’s data feeds with QDN. The financial information website initially worked with one provider, but new ones have been added over time.

The system receives data in different formats through different transmission technologies, and then it converts those formats into the same one.

The different services of the financial information website are fed with raw data and with data processed by QDN.

The information managed by QDN not only can be displayed as numerical data (for example, indices), but also can feed any other information processing service (for example, to determine if a trend is bullish or bearish, if an indicator is increasing or decreasing, etc).

Thus, QDN calculates indicators by using the information it receives from the markets in real time. 

The website portfolio of services that were to receive data through QDN included:

    • Studies (technical and fundamental analysis, market consensus)
    • Technical indicators
    • Sentiment indicators
    • Fundamental analysis indicators
    • Alarms
    • News
    • Events calendar and agenda
    • Fund information

Moreover, QDN enabled the integration with third-party data processing technologies, such as the automated trading platform QCAID or TradingView charts. QCAID made it possible to launch indicators and execute algorithmic trading strategies quickly and easily. And thanks to the integration with TradingView, the indicators calculated in Qcaid are displayed on TradingView charts.

In addition to the use of QDN as a data infrastructure for the financial information website, QDN has also allowed them to provide these same services to other clients in a simple way. Thanks to the architecture of the system, new functionalities have been added since the completion of the project.

Finally, Qbitia manages the maintenance, monitoring and support of the service.

The results

The integration of QDN into FXSTreet’s infrastructure has brought tangible benefits from a technical point of view, such as:

  • An increase in the processing and calculation capacity of the system.
  • Saving time when launching new functionalities and services.

From a commercial point of view, the portal has experienced:

  • An increase in traffic.
  • An increase in the time users spend on the website.
  • Higher levels of user satisfaction with the service.

Services used