The challenge


A Spanish bank decides to give their online broker service a boost. After analyzing data relating to the number of visits to the broker’s website, transactions carried out and volume of trade, the bank concludes that this service has ample growth potential. In order to promote growth, the bank proposes making the online broker’s website more attractive to users by including new value-added features. The service is provided in two countries, so the contents of the website must be available in two languages.

The solution

Through their partnership with Infobolsa and BME, Qbitia worked with the client to determine what additional services would provide value to users and potential users of the bank’s online broker. Once defined, Qbitia proceeded to integrate the financial information network QDN (Qbitia Data Network) with the bank’s online broker management system.

The proposed solution is supported by the full range of functionalities offered by QDN, including the reception of information from different sources and in various formats, and the processing and distribution of data to feed the services on the client’s website.

First, Qbitia and their partner identified the data sources needed to feed the services. The Qbitia team was in charge of managing the incorporation of new sources, including a provider of reports prepared by experts in two languages.

Part of the information needs to be processed before sending it to the online broker’s website by performing arithmetic calculations. As an example of the processing capabilities of QDN, it is worth highlighting the use of the automatic trading platform QCAID, fully integrated with QDN, to calculate different ratios and indicators.

Once the information is processes, QDN sends it to the frotn-end of the online broker to feed these and other services:

    • News
    • Fundamental analysis indicators
    • Event calendar
    • Fundamental analysis report
    • Technical analysis report
    • Report of the asset of the day
    • Asset indicators, both for technical and fundamental analysis

Qbitia, manages the maintenance and support service for this solution, in addition to offering the option of expanding these services or adding new ones when requested.

The results

The implementation of value-added services has contributed to the growth of the online broker. This growth has been measured in ratios such as:

    • An increase in the website traffic.
    • An increase in the amount of time users spend on the website.
    • An increase in the volume of trade.
    • An increase in user satisfaction with the service.

Services used