Qbitia launches the new service Qbitia Algo Trading Institute with the aim of helping traders turn their investment ideas into algorithmic systems. Through one-on-one videoconferences, the Qbitia R&D team makes their expertise available to traders who wish to automate their operations.

Many professionals are reluctant to start automating their trading due to the complexity of designing algorithms and, above all, because they do not have the necessary support. Qbitia addresses this need by providing personalized support, based on more than 10 years of experience collaborating in this area with traders from different backgrounds around the world.

With Qbitia Algo Trading Institute, traders will have 10 hours of monthly support through one-on-one video conferences with the R&D Director of Qbitia and his team. The sessions are totally flexible and they adapt to the needs and requirements of the trader, regardless of the type of instruments or the software or platform used.

In the first free session, our R&D Director will listen to the description of the system to be implemented. Based on this explanation, the number of hours necessary to automate the system will be estimated, but in any case there’s no obligation to renew the subscription to the service for a fixed period of time. What’s more, sessions can focus on adjusting a completed algorithm or even on developing a new one. In a nutshell, Qcaid Algo Trading Institute adapts 100% to the trader’s goals.

You can find more information about Qbitia Algo Trading Institute here.