A new service to help you translate your investment ideas into algorithmic systems. Through one-on-one videoconferences, our R&D team will guide you in the automation of your trading.

10 monthly hours of support to help you

One-on-one calls with our R&D Manager and his team

Design of algos on any trading platform

Flexibility and adaptability to your requirements

How it works

We will schedule an initial online meeting with our R&D Manager so that you can tell us about the trading system you would like to implement. This first session is free, of course.

We will provide you with an estimation of the number of hours needed to develop your system.

The minimum number of monthly hours is 10, but we don’t require a commitment to renew your monthly subscription. You may renew or cancel your subscription at your convenience.

We will schedule the online meetings.

Your algo trading system will be ready to run.

If needed, we can do any readjustments to your algo or even develop a new one.

Frequently asked questions about this new service

Not at all. Our support service is aimed at all traders who wish to automate their systems, regardless of the trading platform they use.

Absolutely, you will have an online meeting with our R&D Manager and his team, and they will focus their attention on you.

Yes, there is no commitment to pay for the service for a fixed period of time. 

If you need more than 10 hours per month, just let us know, and we will try to offer you additional sessions.

No need to worry about that. We can sign an NDA to guarantee that your trading ideas will remain confidential.

Definitely. When you design a strategy on Qcaid, it is saved on your computer. In order to upload it to Qcaid’s execution servers, it is encrypted, so that no one can have access to it or is able to decipher it in any way.

If you have any other questions about the service, contact us and we can schedule a call

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