Thanks to our experience in consulting and in the development of advanced financial software, Qbitia offers products and services aimed at greater agility, efficiency and profitability in the internal processes of the company.

QVAF - Financial asset valuation

Valuation service for all types of financial instruments in the portfolio aimed at regulatory compliance and adaptable to the specific needs of each client.

QTEC - Evaluation of hedge accountig effectiveness

Service for measuring the effectiveness of hedge accounting for regulatory compliance and advice on accounting regulations.

QDN - Management of financial information and data

Technological infrastructure and development service for information management, including the connection with different data feeds, data processing and integration with a wide range of services.

Technology consulting

Design and development of customized solutions, especially for process management and automated data processing.

QRISK - Financial risk analysis

Risk measurement and analysis service of any type of investment portfolio conforming to current regulations, as well as generation of periodic reports and regulatory reporting.

Advisory and customised services

Personalized advice on valuation and risk measurement, internal and regulatory reports, internal audit and validation, and definition of processes to adapt to new regulatory requirements.

Euroffers - Comprehensive solution for retail investment

Technology and service to manage public offerings in the primary market aimed at the retail investor.